Presentation of My-Studio

Why My-Studio?

Our dream is to offer a healthy and clear alternative to players from the event, communication and marketing industry.

By putting service providers and brands directly in touch with one another, we allow them to cut out unnecessary middlemen and to work together in a spirit of community, cooperation and knowledge sharing.

Advantages for brands:

Reliable providers certified by MyStudio and assessed by the community

Lower prices thanks to the cutting out of middlemen

Freedom: you choose your own providers. At the end of the mission, you can go on working with your provider and without MyStudio if you wish so

A simple search based on job categories and/or geographical zones

Your project can be coordinated by a consultant/coordinator. The latter works with and for you

This service is 100% free for you

Advantages for providers:

The opportunity to find new clients who are specifically looking for a provider of event, communication or marketing services

A direct contact with your final clients

A fair commission fee assessed on a case-by-case basis used to ensure the perennity and visibility of MyStudio

A complete fact sheet including a link to your site and a shared portfolio

The possibility to mention up to 4 activities by company

A healthy community mind: “we work in the same sector, we call on one another”

A quick and easy registration

In which countries is My-Studio available?

MyStudio has been open to brands and providers in Belgium since February 2019.

Our ambition is to eventually cover all European French-speaking countries (France, Luxemburg and Switzerland).

How does it work?

I’m looking for a Provider

  1. Register as MyStudio member
  2. Entrust your project to a MyStudio consultant
  3. He selects the most suitable providers
  4. Your consultant coordinates your event or your campaign for you
  1. Register as MyStudio member
  2. Search the providers directory
  3. Organise your event/communication/marketing plan

I’m Provider

  1. Register as MyStudio member
  2. Fill in your provider fact sheet and optimise your visibility
  3. Get requests from brands

Who can join the ecosystem of MyStudio?

Event Managers and MarCom Supervisors, in other words all those in charge within their organisation: event manager, internal or external communication manager, marketing manager, the ones in charge of attendance at trade fairs, of organising Employees’ or Open Company Days, of designing product packaging, …

Providers”: highly targeted people and agencies that can make a project successful. Designer, stand, tent, stage, furniture or tableware suppliers, sound and light provider, caterer, florist, bannering designer, clothes customizer, website designer, specialist in advertising, advertising networks and studios, …

MyStudio does not target big 360° event agencies which do not offer any added value to their final clients.

How much does it cost?

You are an Event, Marketing or Communication Manager? Good news, your access to the community of MyStudio is 100% free for you.

You are a service provider? We ask you to pay a registration fee and a percentage on the monthly invoices. These amounts are reasonable. Their purpose is not to make profit but to ensure the perennity and visibility of the MyStudio community.

Join My-Studio

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