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MyStudio puts clients and providers from the event, communication and marketing industry in touch with one another.

Enjoy the sharing spirit of the MyStudio community: “We all belong to the same sector, we call on one another”.


Screened providers: certified by MyStudio when they register, regular follow-up of every affiliated provider, feedback and rating from the community

Transparency: direct billing by providers without any useless agency fees

Independence: break free from agencies, master your own projects

Freedom of choice: select your own providers with whom you wish to work, don’t get railroaded by a third party

Efficient and healthy relationship: work with honest, local and quality providers

100% free: costs are paid by the community of service providers who want to collaborate with you


New clients: you become visible to brands which are specifically looking for your services

You master your communication: you fill in and manage a complete fact sheet with a link to your website, you can position yourself on up to 4 activities

Visibility: enjoy the shared portfolio of MyStudio, displayed on the site and on social networks

Collaborate and share: find your own partners or subcontractors on MyStudio

Fair fee: get the fee you deserve, do not depend on an agency’s high margin

Low-priced service: a reasonable commission percentage dedicated to the perennity and visibility of the community.

Fast registration process: your membership application will be processed within 24 hours

MyStudio is an innovative service based on skill sharing. Its calling? Allow people to collaborate in order to accomplish the most beautiful projects.

No useless intermediaries – no useless structures – no fixed costs and useless margins.

MyStudio: a healthy and clear alternative for players from the marketing, communication and event industry. For brands, as well as for service providers.

Are you convinced by the advantages of our platform?