MyStudio services platform

MyStudio services platform

MyStudio is a community which wants to share its skills so that we can go further together.

MyStudio also offers tailor-made services to help you implement successful campaigns/projects.

100% free: as a brand MyStudio services and community participation are entirely free for you.

Service coordination

With MyStudio, you are the one who chooses:

Manage the providers you have selected by yourselfEntrust your event coordination to a member of MyStudio.

You do not have time or simply do not wish to coordinate the event by yourself? Or you simply want to focus on your core business?

MyStudio consultants can take charge of your project management and coordination. They act as event/MarCom managers (they are at the same time your campaign architects and coordinators).


They are in charge of:

your project preparation (design)

looking for the most suitable providers

your campaign management

coordinating your event contributors on D-day

post-event debriefing, campaign statistics and analyses

In this way you only have one partner who looks after everything
and mostly in full transparency.

Service “Find the right provider”

Find the best providers on MyStudio

Triple provider screening: mandatory approval of each provider before being admitted to the platform, individual periodical quality check by MyStudio, assessment mechanism by the community (opinion and rating, positive feedback, ...). MyStudio is a community that allows you to work confidently with the other members.

Directory: find your providers easily in the directory of MyStudio, search by area, by location, by job category, by name.

Providers’ assessment by members: give a rating, comment on the work your providers have performed, share your feedback with the whole community. This will help ensure the reliability of the MyStudio community.

MyStudio advantages: enjoy the input of a whole community, practice skill sharing, give your feedback
and ensure the reliability of MyStudio.

Services offered to affiliated providers

Optional: add services offered to providers.

Boost your visibility thanks to our tailor-made services: directory, provider fact sheet, shared portfolio, advertising on MyStudio

→ Find your own partners and subcontractors

Directory: brands can find you in the directory of MyStudio and get directly in touch with you. You enjoy a transparent relationship with them (no intermediaries!) and get the salary you deserve.

Provider fact sheet: maximise your visibility, fill in your own descriptive sheet and add a link to your website.

Shared portfolio: you maximise the visibility of your creations by using the shared portfolio of MyStudio. Your creations will be seen by all members on our site and will be broadly shared on our social media.

Advertising on MyStudio: be even more visible to brands and advertise on MyStudio.

Look up subcontractors: use the MyStudio directory to look up your partners and subcontractors. Capitalise on the collaboration potential the community of MyStudio can offer you.